Catching up with Muaaz about his career journey!

We caught up with Muaaz to see how his apprenticeship is going, and his take on returning to volunteer with Construction Youth Trust!

As a recent apprentice in the industry, it felt great that I could embrace NAW2021 and help Construction Youth Trust deliver one of their apprenticeship Q&A sessions. These sessions are a great way for young people who are unfamiliar with the concept of apprenticeships in construction to get to know those in the industry and ask questions that can help them decide if an apprenticeship is right of them.

It is now more important than ever for apprentices to engage with young people directly, as apprentices are able to offer that much needed reassurance to students deciding whether an apprenticeship is right for them. As a young student in 6th Form, I attended an Apprenticeship Q&A session delivered by Construction Youth Trust in 2019 and I recall how useful it was to talk to likeminded young people who have already settled into the industry. Talking to apprentices about their day to day activities and their overall experiences gave me confidence that an apprenticeship would help develop me both as a person, and as an aspiring civil engineer.

It is always good to hear how about the benefits of an apprenticeship from a hiring manager or an early careers team, but I believe that young apprentices have the most potential to effectively engage with young people, as apprentices have gone through the similar challenges students in this society are facing today. We understand that students may have concerns, and only through direct engagement can we hope to alleviate any worries and answer their burning questions.

I think one of the biggest misconceptions facing the future of apprenticeships is that students assume that apprenticeships are only reserved for trade jobs in construction, or for students who were unable to get accepted into university. Through youth engagement activities, apprentices and industry volunteers need to work together to break down these barriers and show that apprenticeships offer highly skilled jobs for all professions, and that apprenticeships are NEVER a second option to university.

Showing students, a glimpse of “a day in the life” is a great way to show what a future in an apprenticeship could hold. Furthermore, apprentices should help students look beyond university and consider the long-term professional development benefits of an apprenticeships, as many apprenticeship programmes now offer routes to Chartership.

I am very fortunate to have come full circle and help Construction Youth Trust deliver these amazing sessions! It was great to see how more and more students are interested in doing an apprenticeship in construction, which is a huge step forward for the whole industry! We all need to play our part in supporting the wider drive for apprenticeships!

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