Big Bang Fair at St Martin-in-the-Fields High School for Girls

As part of British Science Week and Big Bang Fair, we participated in an event organised by St Martin-in-the-Fields High School for Girls to excite pupils about STEM subjects and inspire them to consider science or engineering careers.

We arrived at school early to introduce an acoustic engineering activity to a group of girls, so that they would be able to present it to visitors during the event. Starting with an introduction to the subject, we used different recycling materials, such as bubble wrap and carpet to check which is the most absorbent. Students engaged very quickly, started discussing about the presentation and how they could engage attendees in the most efficient way. When other students started arriving at the event, they immediately engaged them in the activity by highlighting the behaviour of the different materials to sound.

We were so impressed not only by girls’ performance presenting the activity, but also by their inspiring ways to capture attendants’ attention. They successfully engaged with older and younger students as well as teachers and definitely inspired them around STEM.

Attendants also got the chance to learn more about several activities around sustainability, such as making soaps and lip balms using sustainable ingredients or designing sustainable buildings. The event turned out to be a success where participants had the chance to visit 12 stands, including Tideway’s to introduce young people to careers in construction.

It was a great way to inspire girls at school around STEM in construction and encourage them to consider a relevant career path in the future.

You can watch a video of the activity on our Instagram page here