Bacon’s College Year 10 students get a behind the scenes look at Durkan’s Manor Place site

Durkan’s Manor Place site is a mixed use development and forms part of the regeneration of Elephant and Castle. We took a group of Year 10 Students from Bacon’s College to see the site in its latter stages of development.

Tony Gallagher, Project Director, and his team took the students through the initial stages of the project, before explaining that the site they would see is now in advanced stages; albeit there still being a lot of work to do! Being able to walk around a near completed site, the students were able to really appreciate the amount of work that goes into a development like Manor Place. The flats may be up, but they are surrounded by construction work, scaffolding and inside they are an empty shell. Tony introduced the students to the specialist range of professionals that are still to play their role before the project is completed. The extreme collaboration needed on site was evident and really made the students consider the wide ranging breadth of careers available in construction and the built environment beyond their images of builders mixing cement.

Tony was particularly delighted when mid-way through the tour one student announced of the site, ‘it looks exactly like the CGI image’.  We’d say that was a good day had by all.