Awards winner visits the UN

At the Duke Of Gloucester Young Achiever’s Scheme Awards 2012, Stacey Clifford won both the Engineering Award, and the coveted Overall Winner Award. As a result, she was featured in the 2014 Building the Future - Women in Construction report published by the Smith Institute.

In December last year, Stacey received a curious email out of the blue inviting her to the UN in Kenya.  As a result of being featured in the report, Stacey had been invited to an Experts Group Meeting along with a panel of 14 others to provide feedback on a project proposal by UN Habitat for encouraging women into the construction industry. Stacey was specifically chosen in order to represent a young female working in the corporate side of the industry.

Within the framework of its gender related and urban policy commitments, UN-Habitat has designed the Roadmap for Women in sustainable housing: Empowerment through green construction sustainably financed housing, basic services and decent jobs programme (WISH). The purpose of the EGM which took place between 6th – 9th December 2015 was to discuss, evaluate and refine the roadmap and indicators for WISH. 

Other attendees in the panel of experts included other members of UN Habitat, a member of Nairobi Chamber of Commerce and a professor from the University of Cardiff. 

Stacey commented

Being asked to attend a UN meeting was a fantastic experience, and gave me the opportunity to contribute to a potentially far reaching initiative.  This opportunity was only made possible by the exposure that winning the Duke of Gloucester Young Achievers Scheme Award offered me.

Based on the feedback from the EGM meeting, the proposal is currently being revised.

This story is a great example of the reach and impact which can be achieved through winning an award as well as proving the high perceived worth of the opinion of a young woman working in construction.