Award Winning Volunteering Scheme

Construction Youth Trust is celebrating the winning work of its volunteers.

The Trust was fortunate enough to have the time and skills of six graduates at RBS to help create fundraising materials. The London based graduates were introduced to the Trust through a project run by Pilotlight, an organisation which helps local charities and social enterprises to tackle social disadvantage in the UK. 

The group chose Construction Youth Trust from a range of other charities and each individual was allocated 24 hours of volunteering leave to work on specific projects alongside the Trust’s Business Development Manager Corrine Harms. 

The aim of the 6 month project was for the graduates to research ways to expand the Trust’s fundraising opportunities and create user friendly materials for employees of the Trust as well as donors.  At the end of the project, the graduates designed a fundraising pack aimed to be available to download from the website, making it easier for individuals or groups to raise money for the Trust.  They also looked at the Trust’s existing marketing materials and at the end of the 6 months created a pitching pack designed to aid the Business Development Manager and other employees of the Trust to inform non-construction corporate companies of the work of the Trust.

In July the different RBS groups and charities involved in Pilotlight’s project attended an evening to celebrate the completion of the project.  Each group gave a presentation to the attendees including some senior members of RBS about their specific projects and from these a winning group was chosen.  Construction Youth Trust was placed as a runner up and was awarded £2,500 from RBS to help continue our work to help young people gain access to training and employment within the construction industry.

Charlotte Guerin a volunteer from RBS said ‘I am very happy that RBS decided to donate to Construction Youth Trust, I know what a difference this money can make to disadvantaged young people. Hopefully our work will also be useful to the trust long-term, enabling it to grow and prosper. It was really great to work with Construction Youth Trust for the last 6 months and I personally learned a lot.’