9 months as a Central Resources Intern: A Step Into Project Management

27/01/2022 News

I have recently past 9 months into my internship at Construction Youth Trust and we are now in 2022! As my internship comes to an end in 3 months, it is quite hard to believe just how quickly a year has passed and also how much I have managed to fit into that time.

Before writing this, I revisited my first and second blog post and it offered a great moment of reflection over how malleable one’s goals can be when you are beginning your career. When I started at the Trust, my main duties were working in the Marketing and Communications department and 9 months later that has completely changed! 

A big new development since September is that I been working on and co-managing a new year-long employability programme at the Trust! At first glance, this doesn’t come across as a typical task that I would have taken up. Generally in the past, I have never been that great at taking leadership roles or delegating out responsibilities. I have felt much more comfortable taking direction from others, and I think a lot of that stemmed from: 

  1. A lack of confidence in my own abilities  
  2. A fear of making mistakes. My idea was that if I took direction from others, I would be less likely to fail.  
  3. Not seeing myself as holding leadership traits and thus internalizing that mindset. The Self-fulfilling prophecy.  

 However, at some point you have to step out of your comfort zone to grow and I feel as if the past 4 months have been exactly that. Whilst there have been numerous challenges along the way, periods of stress as well as the inevitable mistakes made, I have also learnt a lot of skills that have progressed me far more than if I had stayed in my comfort zone. Most notably, part of the project has involved managing our first pilot mentoring scheme and that is where I have worked on developing my relationship management and presenting skills by interacting with industry contacts and running mentor induction sessions. I have also delved deeper into the evaluative and data driven side of the charity sector, working with the data & impact team to work on an evaluation plan for our programme and simultaneously developing a greater understanding of how funding works.  

Managing a project can be a big step up, particularly when you are starting out and are surrounded by people who have a lot more experience than you. However, like everything, it is also something that you only get better at with practice. I know that however this project goes, it will be one that I can take from and use as a positive learning experience going forward for any future projects.  

 You can find out more about the employability programme in question here!