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Collaborating with University of West London based production company W5 Productions

We had a great time working with W5 Productions, a University of West London based production company, to create a bespoke interview skills film for our Interview Skills schools session as part of the L&Q Learning to Succeed programme.

At the Trust we're always striving to find our young people professional industry experience in order to best prepare them for the working world, so when it came to choosing a production company to help us create a bespoke film for our Interview Skills session we were determined to work with someone who shared our values and desire to provide...

Inspiring beyond the session

We were delighted to hear the impact that our Carbon Challenge has had on one of our Schools Partnerships schools.

The Carbon Challenge is designed as an interactive session that expands on students’ knowledge of carbon footprints and ways that emissions can be managed and reduced. The session utilises the new and emerging techniques that the Built Environment sector is using to improve sustainability as both examples of good practice and a chance for students to explore the many careers options available in industry. The session encourages students to think about their own carbon...

New sessions released for our Schools Partnership strategy!

We're very proud to have added an additional six sessions to our Schools Partnership programme.

Since the inception of the Schools Partnership strategy it has been of the utmost importance to the Trust to ensure that we are offering our schools a varied programme of sessions that not only inspire students about careers in the construction and built environment industry, but that also fit alongside the curriculum as well as helping schools hit the Gatsby Benchmarks.

As with the entirety of our session catalogue, the new sessions all centre around industry volunteers representing...

Eastbury School discover Construction and the Digital Industry

A major misconception of the construction and built environment industry is that all careers focus on manual labour.

As part of the Schools Partnership programme we deliver sessions that smash this falsehood and introduce the full range of available careers.

Alongside volunteers Lucy and Maxine from Willmott Dixon, the Trust spent a morning exploring Construction and the Digital Industry with year 9 students at Eastbury Community School. The session demonstrated how the digital sector is fundamental to modern industry and the necessity of digital roles in all aspects of a...

National Apprenticeship Week 2019 – Construction Careers and How to Achieve Them

Through our Schools Partnership programme we don’t only aim to inspire young people to pursue a career in the construction and built environment, we also give them practical advice and support on how to achieve them.

The Trust spent a session with students from Fulham Enterprise Studios exploring the types of interviews that they will be expected to undertake to secure places on apprenticeship and further education programmes. For many of the students the session represented their first encounter with the interviewing process. The students covered techniques equipping them for...

National Apprenticeship Week 2019 – Year 10 Thamesview students get a taste of apprenticeship life.

It can be a daunting task deciding what you want to do as a career and at the Trust we believe the best way to inspire the next generation of industry is to let them experience careers first hand.

As part of our Schools Partnership programme we took a group of Year 10 students to spend a morning at the newly opened JTL Training centre in Maidstone so they could see what it takes to be become an electrician or a plumber. The students engaged in practical tasks like fixing circuit boards and solving plumbing problems.

Being in Year 10, the students still have another year at school...

The Skills Bus returns!

The Skills Bus made a trip to Northfleet Technology College to spend time with Year 11 students exploring their construction skills and interest in industry careers.

Construction Youth Trust has been working with Northfleet Technology College over the past academic year as part of the Schools Partnership programme, developing relationships with students as they decide upon their options following their GCSE’s. There are many routes the students may choose to enter into a career within the Construction and Built Environment sector and one of the students, Dan, is determined to secure...

Construction Taster Days

Students from Bacons College, Compass School, University Academy of Engineering and City London Academy came to Construction Taster Days at the Trust’s workrooms.

Alongside trainers from Skills For Employment, students who attended the first activity day on the 18th of February worked collaboratively to create a large picnic bench that will be given to a local Southwark community space. Coming from a range of different schools the students had to form a cohesive team learning to work quickly and effectively together to build the bench. The day passed in a blur as the students threw...

Bat conservation at Southwark Peace Garden

The Trust teamed up with Becky Calnan from Southwark Peace Garden to spend a day with students from Southwark Inclusive Learning Services making a practical contribution to the garden’s bat conservation project.

Presented with the raw materials, and a few instructions, the students had to quickly form partnerships and address how best to tackle the task in hand. Constructing the bat boxes pushed the students in the development of their problem solving skills whilst also expanding knowledge of construction and roles within industry. The students had to work quickly measuring wood,...

Brunel Museum Visit

As part of the Schools Partnership Strategy, we enjoyed a fantastic visit to The Brunel Museum with a group of Year 10’s from Bacons College.

The students met Tim, who took them on an extensive and extremely informative tour around the museum explaining the full history of the Brunel Family and the Thames Tunnel. Part of the tour journeys down the original Rotherhithe tunnel shaft, a talking point for everyone over dinner we’re sure.

After the tour and shaft exp l oration, the stu dents then met Sophia Brunel Hawes. Sophia, sister of Isambard Kingdom Brunel, had shown...