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Quantity Surveyor

A quantity surveyor manages all costs relating to building and civil engineering projects, from the initial calculations to the final figures. They seek to minimise the costs of a project and enhance value for money, while still achieving the required standards and quality. This includes ensuring statutory building regulations are met.

As a quantity surveyor you could work for either the client or the contractor, in an office or on site. You will be involved in a project from the start, preparing estimates and costs of the work. When the project is in progress, you'll keep track of any variations to the contract that may affect costs and create reports to show profitability.


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This career information has been adapted from Prospects and National Careers Service


What The Job Involves

What are the key responsibilities for this position?


Key Responsibilities

Agreeing costs with client/subcontractor monthly against an application
Drawing up a detailed cost plan and schedule for each stage of the project with forecast expenditure
Negotiating with contractors and suppliers for materials and services for the Project
Works closely with civil engineers and managers ensuring each element is kept within budget
Ensures no cash flow issues
Manages payments for contractors
Monthly cost reporting


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Entry Requirements

Degree or professional qualification – Surveying, construction or engineering

What key skills and personal attributes help with this role?

Skills & Attributes

Good people skills
Ability to multi task
Organisational skills
Excel Skills
Maths skills
Eye for detail
Good communication skills

How much can you expect to earn and what are the career progression options?

The following figures are intended as a guideline only.

Salary & Progression

Entry Level Quantity Surveyor: £18,000- £20,000
Assistant/ Graduate Quantity Surveyor: £22,000 - £28,000
Experienced Quantity Surveyor: £30,000- £40,000
Senior Quantity Surveyor: £50,000 - £70,000
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How we helped: 

She attended a Construction Youth Trust course and learnt about the careers in the construction trades and professions and earnt her CSCS card.


We helped her gain work experience with Graham Construction and after a successful placement she is now pursuing a career in Quantity Surveying.

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