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Civil Engineer

Civil engineers are the technical experts behind all the buildings and structures we see around us. They can choose to specialise in a particular area, such as structural, transportation, environmental, maritime or geotechnical. Civil engineers create, improve and protect the environment in which we live. They plan, design and oversee construction and maintenance of building structures and facilities, such as roads, railways, airports, bridges, harbours, dams, irrigation projects, power plants, water and sewerage systems.

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What The Job Involves

What are the key responsibilities for this position?


Key Responsibilities

Developing detailed designs
Assessing the potential risks of specific projects
Communicating and liaising effectively with subcontractors, consultants, co-workers and clients
Thinking both creatively and logically to resolve design and development problems
Managing budgets and other project resources
Attending public meetings to discuss projects, especially in a senior role
undertaking technical and feasibility studies and site investigations
supervising tendering procedures and putting together proposals
compiling, checking and approving reports
reviewing and approving project drawings
using computer-aided design (CAD) packages for designing projects
undertaking complex and repetitive calculations
adopting all relevant requirements around issues such as building permits, environmental regulations, sanitary design, good manufacturing practices and safety on all work assignments
ensuring that a project runs smoothly and that the structure is completed on time and within budget
correcting any project deficiencies that affect production, quality and safety requirements before final evaluation and project reviews

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Entry Requirements

Three year Bachelor of Engineering degree or four year master's degree in civil engineering
You could also study other subjects related to construction engineering but it may take you longer to fully qualify
To get on a degree course you need at least five GCSEs (grade A to C) and two or three A-levels, including Maths and a science subject (normally Physics)

What key skills and personal attributes help with this role?

Skills & Attributes

good analytical and problem-solving skills
strong mathematical ability
computer literacy
a grasp of physics
three-dimensional conceptual skills
excellent spoken and written communication skills
creative skills - must be able to draw clear diagrams
teamwork skills
attention to detail
the ability to liaise well with professionals from other disciplines
an interest in the design and structure of buildings

How much can you expect to earn and what are the career progression options?

The following figures are intended as a guideline only.

Salary & Progression

Graduate engineers: £20,000 - £40,000
Experienced civil engineers: £40,000 - £60,000
Senior civil engineers: £60,000 - £80,000
Case Study


mechanical engineering

What did you think about this experience?

"During my placement at Network Rail I gained a lot of insight into the construction industry, particularly the railway industry.  The site visits to stations were really good as I could see the development of the track and platforms needed for the Crossrail trains.  In addition, I was able to speak to a range of people working on different aspects of the project, from civil, mechanical and signalling engineers to telecoms people and project managers.  I really enjoyed the placement and it was great to see how different engineering disciplines work together."

How do you think this experience influenced in your decisions for your future career?

"This experience has confirmed my decision to study engineering at university and I have been able to look at which engineering discipline I would like to follow.  From this placement I have developed a strong interest in mechanical engineering and gaining work experience in this type of engineering is what I hope to do next."

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