Women in Construction - remember 1983?

Over my holiday breakfast I found a link sent to me by Trustee Jane Nelson about women working in construction in the 80's.  Things have not really changed and in some ways have gone backwards. Statistics suggest that the number of women working on the tools has gone down rather than up.   Some suggest the demise of local authority direct labour organisations has been a contributing cause.   Certainly Jane often recounts the thirty or so women that started the same day as her working in maintenance trades at Hackney Council in the 1980's.

So I wonder where have all those women gone? It would be very interesting to catch up and hear where they are now and what they are doing. If you are one of those women please get in touch.

Jane is a great champion of women in maintenance and as an executive director at Mears is proactively encouraging and supporting women into maintenance roles.

Much more needs to be done if we really are going to "change the face of construction".  The will was there in the 80's and I am sure it is here now....so my call to action to "team construction" is join with Construction Youth Trust and others to ensure that women really see the great opportunity construction can give them....a real and rewarding career and a brighter future.

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