Skills shortage in construction

young people on site visit

I read this morning that construction is still suffering a major skills challenge at professional and technical levels, especially in London where the cost of construction is going through the roof.   Reading that made me wonder if we are doing enough to make sure young talent  has a clear and obvious route into working in this great industry

Only two weeks ago I was invited to join others from the sector to judge  the JCT student essay competition.   The shortlisted entries came from Built environment students from across the UK and covered a range of different subjects including construction techniques, the potential for BIM and the challenges of skills shortages.  All essays were well executed and presented a good knowledge of construction in its various guises.    We must ensure that students don’t get lost from the sector and work hard to ensure they join the built environment.   But to do this more needs to be done to bridge the gap between academia and employers so that all young people who want to work in the professions can see a role for them and see a clear route in via university or through higher apprenticeships.  The JCT competition  is just one way that young talent can begin to be seen and heard!

On a different note we can also inspire though the medium of TV.  I arrived home last week to see the wonderful Jonathon Meads waxing lyrical about the architecture of Mussolini. Hearing such critics as Meades bring buildings to life is yet another way we can inspire the builders of tomorrow.  

Watch and be inspired!