Learning from Germany - is the future prefabricated?

The more I think about the potential value of our young people the more I think they are the solution for future construction projects and for tackling the housing crisis In London and across the UK we need more and more new homes but we also have a mass of very talented young people carrying out portfolio careers enjoying that work but most probably not using their potential to the full.

We hear of great projects constructing system-built housing in the past; the one we know best in a UK context is that of the prefabs build post war. But another that I was reminded of yesterday after visiting an exhibition in Bonn was the great plans of the Bauhaus movement led by Walter Gropius where system built functional housing was planned for the masses and was aimed to produce functional housing with simple furniture. Today we have initiatives such as the ambitions of Legal and General to prefabricate thousands of houses off site...

So we have a burgeoning group of very capable young graduates and others who have great talent that is not being used to its max and we also have a construction industry that is innovative and is able to find new ways of building things not just on site. Alongside this we have a housing crisis but also the great potential that 3-D brings.

So surely we can maximise on collaboration in construction and bring together all parties to draw on the talent of young people to enable homes and communities to be constructed. Lets build a future career and future home for our young people.