Construction Role Models

Construction Youth Trust is proud to be partnering with UK Construction Week and are very supportive of their launch of the #ConstructionRoleModels campaign.

At the Trust, one of our main aims is to educate and inspire young people by introducing them to the wealth of career opportunities in the sector. A large part of this is through having the chance to interact with professionals from the industry who volunteer their time to talk to our young people. These volunteers are valuable role models for the students enabling them to meet and discuss potential career routes with those who have been there and done it.

Our role models come in all shapes and sizes. Often those who have the most impact on our young people are others who are of a similar age and have experienced some of the same difficulties. On our Budding Builders programme, we often invite past students back to talk to the current cohort about their experiences and how their career in construction has progressed since completing the course. Role models such as these are invaluable for providing our beneficiaries with someone they can relate to, and give them a real feel for the sector.

As champions of diversity, we are actively encouraging more young women to consider a career in construction through our #NotJustForBoys campaign. We find that young women who promote their career in construction are hugely inspiring and a great encouragement. Social media plays a significant role in sharing and disseminating their stories to other young women who may never have considered a career in the industry. One of our current favourite role models is Casey Elsby (@caseyelsby), a tower crane operative and active promoter of young women in construction.

When I started out in my career as a civil engineer over 40 years ago, it was a male dominated industry and I was often discouraged from pursuing it. Naturally, I didn’t listen to them and have forged myself a very successful career and am proud of all that I have achieved. I’m delighted to have been referred to as a role model by others in the industry in the past and hope that my story could encourage other young women to consider a career in the built environment. When I was starting out, there were few women in the industry at the time who could have acted as role models – thankfully that has changed; the sector is addressing the gender gap and there are now many more successful women acting as role models and promoting the wide variety of professional roles to young people. However there is still a long way to go, and the more young people we can reach with inspiring stories from those who have built a career for themselves in this wonderful industry, the more chance we have of creating an equal and diverse workplace.

I look forward to sharing and reading about role models who are currently working the sector and acting as ambassadors to inspire and encourage more young people into construction. Role models will be imperative in the work we all need to do to help fill the skills gap and create the talented workforce of the future.

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