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The History of the Trust

The Construction Industry Youth Trust was established in 1961 by members of the construction industry and allied professions to help fund the building of educational centres to teach construction skills.

Construction Youth Trust at 50

In 2011 we celebrated 50 years of helping young people. Find out more about where we came from and where we're going...

The Trust aimed to promote worthwhile leisure-time activities for young people throughout the UK and helped Boys' and Girls' clubs, Scouts and Guides, and Sea and Air Cadets to get buildings up and open for their use. Always seeking to promote equality, diversity and inclusion, the Trust set about its work subject to the condition that there be 'no restrictions of class, creed, colour or sect'.

In its Jubilee year, 1986, the Trust made particular efforts to bring together young people of different races against a background of severe rioting across the country. The Trust was particularly proud to establish the Broad Plains Youth Club in Bristol, an area where severe rioting had taken place, as one of a number of positive ways to give young people a common purpose.

With each year the Trust went on to break new ground in support of under-privileged young people including initiatives such as the creation of a workshop theatre for children, and centres where handicapped children could gain confidence through contact with ponies and other animals.

Throughout the years the Trust has continued to support young people with a passion for construction through education, practical work experience and employment brokerage. The Trust's programmes continue to expand and diversify ranging from individual bursaries and construction skills courses to work placement schemes and careers guidance sessions.

It is only through the generous support of the construction industry itself, that Construction Youth Trust has been able to make such a difference to young people's lives. Today the Trust continues to work in partnership with its supporters to raise awareness of the breadth of opportunities the construction industry has to offer, providing the industry with a young, passionate and diverse workforce for the benfit of today and tomorrow.

The Construction Youth Trust is a Registered Charity no: 1094323 Company no. 4461612